In which and how to sell diamond stud earrings for money

Have you got diamond earrings you never put on, no further like — or that keep bad memories?

While you will not return similar quantity you initially paid for the earrings, if you don’t use them, you are able to promote your own diamond earrings for cash.

In most cases, might promote the undesired earrings due to their diamond price, however if you may have traditional earrings or earrings from popular jewelers, a professional on-line precious jewelry buyer, or regional jeweler, old-fashioned dealer, or consignor pay reduced cost.

When you can go to a pawn shop or jewelry shop, you can find safe, protected internet sites that will help you sell the old or unwelcome jewellery, at the greatest price, quickly.

Our leading choice if you’d like to offer diamond stud earrings on the net is
Diamonds United States Of America
due to the fact:

  • Buys all diamonds
  • A+ Better Business Bureau standing
  • Offers within 24 hours of acknowledged offer
  • Insures your earrings doing $100,000 with Lloyds of London

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Still have questions relating to the earrings you’re interested in selling? Listed below are answers to typical concerns, information on how-to sell diamond earrings, and:

Just how to sell diamond stud earrings

If you wish to sell the diamond stud earrings for cash, follow these three tips:

1. Understand the expensive diamonds

The first step in selling diamond stud earrings should comprehend the quality and property value your diamond. In case the diamonds are considerable — say, a total of 1 carat body weight — it may make sense to invest in a
diamond certification
, a document that specifies the key faculties of a diamond, such as their:

  • Carat – Diamond’s real weight
  • Colors – Colorless expensive diamonds are usually really worth significantly more than near colorless or coloured expensive diamonds having the same carat, slice, and understanding
  • Clarity – ​​exactly how obvious the diamond is
  • Cut – The shape of diamond

You’ll be able to sell your earrings with no certification, you likely don’t receive the maximum amount of cash since authenticity can not be validated.

2. Understand the expensive diamonds’ importance

Once you know that which you have actually, you can acquire a feeling of simply how much the diamond earrings can be worth.

diamond appraiser
use this official certification to ascertain what your diamond is definitely worth before you sell it (or you’re looking to ensure it). If not, a regional jeweler, or an on-line precious jewelry customer offers an estimate of what your earrings could bring — or cause you to an offer immediately.

Take into account that the gold or platinum inside earrings might equally useful or higher than nearly any
, diamond or
within the part.


, the spot silver importance in the usa had been investing at $

per ounce, or $

per gram.

It is advisable to keep in mind that the resale worth of a diamond (or any fine jewelry) will usually be much below everything you initially taken care of it, generally 25-50per cent of this initial price

What is my personal precious jewelry really worth? Getting a jewelry appraisal

3. Explore your options for selling

The fastest option to promote the diamond stud earrings for highest rate within our experience is by using
Diamonds American
, but there are many more choices:

Where should I offer my personal diamond stud earrings?

There are many choices to sell diamond stud earrings you no longer wish.

  • Jeweler: check out a good jeweler in your community, haggle on top of the provide and then leave the
    old jewellery
    at the rear of.
  • Pawn store: you might try attending an area
    pawn shop if you would like cash fast.
  • Auction: Get a hold of a market home or
    internet based auction
    website to market big diamonds and well-known brand name jewellery.
  • Online: enjoy using the internet platforms for
    selling diamonds
    without leaving house.

Systems I’ve yourself used and like as well as its sister internet sites Diamonds USA and CashforSilverUSA.

Selling the diamond earrings to a reliable on-line jewellery customer is secure when they provide insurance policies from a professional insurer.

Also keep in mind that on-line jewellery purchasing is such an aggressive business that on-line jewellery buyers tend to be incentivized to keep a solid reputation with users, their particular trade organizations, the Better company Bureau, Trustpilot, and Reddit.

Where is the greatest location to offer diamond stud earrings on the internet?

After actually vetting jewelry purchasers and years of analysis from inside the diamond space, my personal top option for selling expensive diamonds on the internet is
Diamonds USA
(formerly CashforDiamondsUnited States Of America). exactly why? Check out factors:

  • A+ BBB standing
  • 100percent promise finest cost
  • Gem Institute of The Usa appraisals
  • Provides cost-free door-to-door FedEx shipping
  • Offers within 24 hours
  • 10% bonus once you submit your own diamond or precious jewelry within 7 days

Here is the process to sell earrings on the internet with Diamonds American:

  1. Go to and ask for an appraisal system, including insurance and a no cost prepaid instantly FedEx mailer which is brought to and picked up from your door.
  2. When your diamond earrings arrive, you’re going to get a confirmation mail or telephone call, and Diamonds United States Of America will examine your earrings and then make you a deal.
  3. If you decide to take the offer, you receive paid within 24 hours. If you decrease the deal, Diamonds American will right away get back your object at no cost, no questions asked.

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What is the value of my personal diamond stud earrings?

Understanding the property value your own earrings or other fine jewelry has a couple of  elements. These include:

  1. Are the earrings a known brand name?
  2. What is the quality of the diamond during the earrings?

How much tend to be diamond earrings worth?

Usually, one rock of carat body weight of .5 carat is really worth a lot more than $1,000. Keep in mind that is actually for ONE stone — not the entire carat body weight of all rocks within diamond or silver earrings. More compact stones are typically really worth around $100 overall, and other people in many cases are surprised to obtain that setting is definitely worth more in selling price versus expensive diamonds.

Exactly what do you promote earrings for?

It is possible to sell the earrings with their scrap material price without the potential buyer’s commission, in addition to the worth of any diamonds or gemstones they consist of. When you have earrings from a high-end brand name like
Van Cleef & Arpels
, Bulgari, Graff, Chopard
David Yurman, or
Harry Winston, your own earrings are worth reasonably limited.

Exactly how much would diamond earrings bring in?

As stated previously, the value of your own diamond stud earrings is founded on a number of facets that will affect how much cash they bring in.

Diamonds American
, sister web site of CashforGoldUSA, not too long ago bought these 1.34 carat G SI2 diamond earrings for $2,500:

Faqs about attempting to sell diamond earrings

Exactly what can you are doing with outdated diamond stud earrings?

Your choices for the outdated precious jewelry include:

  • Promote
  • Possess diamonds redesigned into another style or a ring or necklace
  • Save all of them — you could choose you want all of them later on, or choose to give them to somebody you love
  • Surprise them to someone you love today!
  • Fund an emergency nest egg, your retirement, educational costs, or this thirty days’s electric costs!

Simply how much can you sell made use of earrings for?

If made use of earrings have a diamond or expensive diamonds, the quantity you receive straight back depends on the shape and quality of the diamond(s).

You may get a thought how much cash to sell the used earrings for by examining previous payouts on
Diamonds USA

Locations to sell diamond stud earrings near myself?

When you do a Bing find the «best spot to sell jewelry,» you will probably just get a summary of physical locations close by. You can easily positively offer the diamond earrings to neighborhood precious jewelry shops, but you’ll probably receives a commission not as much as you would attempting to sell to top, web jewelry purchasers like
Diamonds USA
, considering evaluation purchasing.

Could I pawn diamond earrings?

Pawnshops perform get jewellery, including diamond stud earrings — though they usually spend much than an online jewelry customer. There are lots of high quality pawnbrokers with great reputations — look your local BBB and Yelp critiques, and ask for a recommendation from friends. Upside to selling to a
is they shell out immediately, and you have the choice for a pawn loan.

Could you promote one diamond earring, or can you pawn one earring?

Yes, you’ll pawn or promote unmarried diamond stud earrings. Virtually all diamonds bought by a customer are taken out of their environment and resold to jewelers.

Just how do I get my earrings appraised?

an appraisal is different than a diamond lab document, or an official certification from a professional gemologist.

Most regional jewelers inside society provide appraisals. This is often a good quote of replacement value of your own jewellery, which will help you obtain it guaranteed, and realize more info on the earrings. Jewelers can provide this free of charge.

But if you wish to know the true worth of what your jewelry is worth, and exactly how a lot you could get for it by attempting to sell, needed an authorized laboratory report.

Bottom line: Best place to sell earrings along with other diamond jewelry

Diamonds USA is actually our very own leading pick for selling expensive diamonds of most sorts. Their A+ BBB status, secure, insured and trackable transport, 24-hour payment and high number of good on line product 2redbeans review make united states positive about advocating Diamonds United States Of America.

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How to sell my personal earrings?

You might go the conventional route: Try to find a couple of free hours inside timetable, pour over good jewelers in your town, get gussied right up, manage parking, haggle on top of the present and leave your old precious jewelry behind, questioning any time you got the perfect bargain, if not totally screwed. Or, possible explore online programs that will you sell your own precious jewelry for any highest price to countless bidders around the globe.

What’s the best web site to offer earrings?

CashForGoldUSA is a good location to sell your earrings on the internet. They recognize items above and below a $1,000 product sales cost.

What can you do with outdated earrings?

Your alternatives for the old earrings as well as other precious jewelry feature: offer, experience the rocks redesigned into another style, save all of them, or gift these to some body you adore.

Are you able to offer utilized earrings?

Yes! promote the silver, diamond and other gold and silver coins earrings via an on-line silver purchaser.

Should I sell one diamond earring?

Yes, you can offer single diamond earrings. Pretty much all expensive diamonds bought by a buyer are taken from their particular setting and resold to jewelers.

Is it possible to pawn diamond earrings?

Pawn retailers would purchase jewelry, such as diamond earrings, though they generally spend far less than an on-line precious jewelry buyer.

Exactly how much perform silver earrings sell for?

If the earrings are gold without any rocks, after that then the rate you’ll obtain for your jewelry is dependant on the weight and carat of silver, determined from the spot gold price during the time of sale, minus the potential buyer’s percentage.

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